1. When and where can I claim the reward that I received in the first airdrop? I finalized the registration process for the first airdrop, and now I cannot see my $STANDARD tokens in my Metamask address.

No one will receive the $STANDARD tokens in the MetaMask. What you can do is connect with your MetaMask wallet on app.stakeborgdao.com and see how many $STANDARD tokens you can claim at this moment.

The tokens announced for the airdrop have a vesting period. This means that they are not all available right now, but they will get unlocked gradually - the people who qualified are entitled to 0.8% of the total quantity weekly. This means that after 125 weeks, all the quantity will be claimable.

The quantity is dynamic, it changes constantly.

Attention: The claim button can only be used once in the 125 weeks. This means that if someone presses the claim button after the first week, for example, they will receive only 0.8% of the total quantity that they were eligible for.

If they use the claim button after two weeks, they will receive 1.6% of the total quantity they were eligible for. And so on … and the rest of the remaining tokens will return to the common pool of the specific category that person was part of (Founding members, Pro newsletter subscribers, or Free newsletter subscribers with 5* on Substack).

The number of available tokens for the people who claim it later will probably grow because there will be people that will use the claim button earlier. This means that the difference will return to the common pool and will be split amongst the people who postpone the claiming process - preferably at the end of the 125 weeks.

2. What were the requirements to be eligible for the first AirDrop?

There were three categories of people that qualified for the first airdrop:

  1. Founding Members

  2. Subscribers of The Crypto Insider, PRO version

  3. Subscribers of The Crypto Insider - Free version who had a five-star rating granted by the Substack platform (The Substack star rating algorithm is independent of us and has more different filters: how many free newsletters you have opened; how much you have interacted with the page; the time you have spent on the specified page, and so on).

3. Will there be other airdrops?

Yes. As the StakeborgDAO Whitepaper states, there will be two more airdrops. Every airdrop distributes rewards in the total amount of 1% of the StakeborkDao supply.

4. Will there be the same qualification requirements as for the first airdrop?

The qualification requirements are not available now and will not be announced before the airdrop. It will happen the same as for the first AirDrop, a surprise that will be announced after these final snapshots are taken.

5. How do I prepare myself for the other airdrops?

We don’t believe that the airdrops represent the purpose, more likely the reward. But the words of advice will be to remain connected to our communication channels (Discord, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) and become a part of the community. Even if you aren’t eligible for a new airdrop, the fact that you educate yourself daily in a field that it’s just beginning is a win on its own.

6. Why was StakeborgDAO launched on ERC-20 and not on Elrond/BSC for it to be faster and cheaper?

Binance is not a solution because of the centralization and the full-of-scams environment, plus the bad reputation.

With Elrond, there were a few disparities in tech & timeline. The token itself could be done, but furthermore, not so much. For example, the pools for yield farming, which are extremely important for offering the tokens to the community, couldn’t be executed on Elrond because, at the moment, there isn’t any possibility to move an ERC-20 to the Elrond native token and then to also have a DEX on Elrond with liquidity for it.

The tooling on Ethereum is much more advanced and battle-tested than any other Layer-1 project. Visible data for everybody.

What will happen in one or three years? Nobody knows, but if you want to build today on solid ground, you start with what the market offers at the moment.

We would love for everything to be simple, faster, and cheaper, but if this means downgrading the features or the roadmap we took ownership of, we would rather work with what we have now.

Last aspect, rather symbolic: DAOs are part of the Ethereum ethos.

7. Why can’t we mine $STANDARD using #EGLD?

The answer is pretty much in the same direction. The bridge between native EGLD and EGLD on ERC-20 was closed starting November 1st.

Before this, we had a series of discussions in which we expressed our will that the Elrond community could receive $STANDARD tokens for free (via farming).

We understood the argument that the Elrond liquidity is desired to be kept on Elrond and not outside the network. If they come with a future solution before the allocation for the yield farming is depleted, the StakeborgDAO opening to the Elrond community remains total.

Our commitment is easily visible from the large number of people who stake via Stakeborg Labs, approx. 7,000, a number that puts us in 3rd place among all validators.

8. What will be the $STANDARD price at the launch of the pool on SUSHI?

The market (supply and demand) will decide the $STANDARD price. Being an AMM (Automated Market Maker), the $STANDARD price is not in our control. see here what AMMs are: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xx4jmdfE7l4

To simplify, here is an example, and taking into account that a pool always has the ratio of 50/50, we have the following case:

Andrei deposits USDC / STANDARD liquidity in the following quantities: $100,000 and 1000 STANDARD. This means that the price of a token is $100.

Maria, who also has 100 STANDARD, realizes that her tokens are worth $10,000, and she sells them.

Thus, 90,000 USDC and 1100 STANDARD remain. So the price becomes $81.81.

Gabriel, who also has 200 STANDARD, realizes that it wouldn't hurt to have $16,000, he also sells, and now, we have $74,000 and 1300 STANDARD in the pool. So, the price becomes $56.92.

And so on. The market will decide the price. This whole scenario can happen in the first minute.

What is VERY IMPORTANT, and we would like it to be clear to the community: because Stakeborg DAO is conducting a fair launch, this makes the liquidity in the market very low in the initial phases. Therefore, the price of the token will be VERY VOLATILE. The easiest way to have $STANDARD is through farming.

9. Why is the gas fee so high?

Because that's how Ethereum works, keep an eye on https://ethereumprice.org/gas/ or https://txstreet.com/ and wait for a better time.

10. Does the gas fee depend on the number of tokens I want to stake?

No, the gas fee is like a stamp for a letter. Its price remains the same no matter what you write in the letter. (for a good gas fee, see question 9)

11. On other dApps, the gas fee is lower. Why does the staking action cost so much?

The used gas depends on the shares in that specific smart contract. You can think of two different PC programs. You can edit pictures with paint and photoshop, but photoshop requires more resources.

It doesn’t depend on the picture you are editing (analogy with stamps), it only depends on the program. Same here, it doesn't depend on how many tokens you swap or how many tokens you want to stake, it depends on the "swap" or "stake" action and how complicated it is in the Ethereum virtual machine.

12. Should I stake my tokens, considering the gas fee?

Everybody should do the math on how much the reward would mean in the staking period vs. how much the gas fee means. It will be clearer after the launch of the $STANDARD token when a price is known (pay attention to its volatility in the incipient phase - see question 8).

Besides these calculations, the vision component remains: what will this token mean in the long run?

13. What's with the staking rewards?

The interface features a field called "Your current reward," which displays exactly what is claimable by the user, on the one hand, and on the other hand, we have "Your reward this epoch,” which displays an estimate of what you will receive.

The estimate may change if more people enter or leave in the meantime; assuming nothing changes, then you will receive exactly that amount.

For someone who wants to check the math, the "Effective pool balance" (displayed on the pool details) and the user's effective balance must be taken into account, but for someone who participated throughout the era, the entire balance will be equal.

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