Construct Financial Committee (CFC)

The Stakeborg DAO Financial Committee is the means through which contributors and projects alike are rewarded and funded without the need for always calling on-chain voting.

It is meant to work in seasons of 3 months each (4 per year). Currently, it is funded with 90.000 $STANDARD each season, meaning 1.5% of the total Treasury (6% annually). This allows for enough spending opportunities, negating the opportunity cost of being too conservative with funds, all while keeping a sustainable rate at which the Treasury is consumed (caeteris paribus, the Treasury will be exhausted in 16.67 years without taking into account revenue-generating projects that could be funded).

The types of grants are split into two:

  1. Contributor rewards

  2. Smaller checks: <10.000 $STANDARD

    • For professional guilds and projects that will be proposed on our Agora page

    • subDAO investments

These will have to go through on-chain voting as the financial resources needed could be considerably higher and a token swap between the parent DAO and the subDAO is needed. The SFC will give their thoughts on the application but the vote will be up to the community.

When a proposal (not a temperature check) is set in motion on Agora and there is positive feedback from the community, the SFC Committee (explained below) will begin reviewing the funds they’re asking for and reach a decision at a maximum of 10 working days. The financing will be given in installments that can be done using the cliff method or vested (to be discussed within the application and with the grant committee) based on presented and discussed KPIs.

If they fail to meet the criteria, the rewards will not be given and the situation will be reevaluated, with the possibility of terminating payments or applying penalties. Payouts based on KPIs/OKRs reported by the project/guild/subDAO teams:



Below 50%

No payout

Between 50% and 100%

50%-70% of the reward


100% of the reward

All applications are required to present a business/strategic plan, a means through which they create and capture value (not necessarily financial, it can also mean brand awareness/marketing & others).

The committee is currently made up of 1 lead and 6 reviewers working through a multisig of 4/7.

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